Valuable Ventilation for Demanding Production Environments

We specialize in developing and delivering complete solutions for ventilation and cooling, as well as reducing noise and odor issues. These solutions are used in industrial spaces with challenging production environments, where heat, condensation, or pollution create a demanding indoor climate or process.
Our team consists of dedicated employees, including engineers, project managers, welders, craftsmen, and others, working closely with the owners, Thomas Gedsig Nielsen and Svend Hougaard.

Close Dialogue and Optimal Solutions

At Bardram, we focus on establishing close dialogue with our customers and offer value-added solutions specifically tailored to each project. We ask our customers questions that can help shift their perspectives, with a focus on finding the best solution for their specific challenges. Our mission is to ensure the most optimal solution based on the customer's requirements, not just their expectations. We serve companies with the most demanding needs for controlling their internal environments and enduring the most extreme stresses.

High Quality and Increased Productivity

The key factor for us is our high level of expertise and experience, which comes into play throughout the company when developing new solutions. We have extensive knowledge of processes and combine it with insights from our own production. In this field, we manage to create unique, high-quality solutions.

Our project department excels in holistic solutions, ensuring that we only deliver solution models that can be produced, installed, delivered, and thoroughly tested at the customer's site within a smooth workflow and often within a tight timeframe. We monitor ventilation systems that we have designed, delivered, and further developed over time to ensure optimal operational functionality. We manufacture reliable solutions at a high level that maintain a stable production environment, thus contributing to high productivity and consistent product quality for our customers.

Company Workflow with a Focus on Ventilation Consulting

In our company, we collaborate closely with our customers to identify solutions that can address the challenges they face in the field of ventilation. Each collaboration is based on principles of openness and trust to create the most favorable conditions for the project. Communication, respect, and integration are crucial factors throughout the project process.

At Bardram, we have our own project department and production capacity.

Our Project Department

In our project department, you'll find competent and highly skilled employees, including engineers and master craftsmen, who conduct careful analyses and identify needs based on customer preferences, project economics, processes, machinery, and production flows in the field of ventilation consulting.

Professional Production with Ventilation Expertise

In our production department, you'll find an efficient and flexible workforce, especially specialized in handling thin sheets and standard profiles in ventilation solutions. However, this doesn't mean we limit ourselves to standard products. If the desired solution doesn't already exist, we are capable of developing it from scratch.

Our Ventilation Consultation

We don't just aim to solve companies' challenges; we also work hard to find the most optimal solution within the customer's budget, especially when it comes to ventilation consulting. Our project analyses are extremely comprehensive and focus on ensuring that the solution we offer meets all the requirements and needs of our customers. We also ensure that our solutions are integrated with other production processes. This involves a careful review of all possible elements that could impact production to avoid any challenges when the ventilation system is installed. In this way, we ensure a seamless implementation of the ventilation solution.

Read more about our consultation her. 

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Our Dedicated Employees

At Bardram, we prioritize personal development and place great value on willpower and diligence. We believe that the concept of "compound interest" applies not only to the financial world but also plays a crucial role in knowledge building and professional experience. When you are diligent, ambitious, and focused, your skills will develop exponentially, and in a short time, you will achieve significant professional strength compared to an average effort. This is a concept that we actively support and cultivate among our employees.


We operate based on five values: creative, service-minded, solution-oriented, credibility, and respect. We actively use our values to verify our actions. We view solutions from a holistic perspective across professional groups to ensure that the solution we offer aligns with other stakeholders and installations. We believe in honest and open dialogue with the customer and strive for collaboration built on mutual trust and respect.

We receive and deliver ideas as constructive proposals. We deliver innovative ideas together with customers and colleagues.

We work to maintain good cooperation between customers, colleagues and business partners.

We deliver solutions that match the customer’s needs and expectations. At Bardram, we realize that constant dialogue is an important tool to finding the right solution.

In case of issues, we will always inform all parties involved. We will always consult our customers honestly, directly and with professionalism.

At Bardram, every single employee has an eye on detail with the solution as a whole in the back of their mind. Therefore, a lot of respect is shown towards all parts of a solution.

The Bardram Story

In 1952, Bardram Luft-Teknik was founded in Copenhagen by engineer Emil Valdemar Bardram. During the 1980s, the company started focusing on developing solutions with ventilation and the Danish food industry turned into a big customer. 

The company, which resides in Hørning, just south of Aarhus, was overtaken in 2009 by the brothers Leif Hougaard and Svend Hougaard. Since then, Svend has passed the title as CEO on to Thomas Gedsig Nielsen who took charge in August 2021. Svend and Thomas have co-owned the company since December 2021.

Since the start, the company has been known as entrepreneurial with a high level of expertise. Our promise is that we maintain this level of experience and service today.

De to tidligere ejere Svend Hougaard og Leif Hougaard


Storm against the flow
TV2 Østjylland

At Bardram, we have always welcomed apprentices wanting to learn about our industry and develop their skills. We are always happy to see those apprentices grow — something that benefits our company as well. 

This was also a main focus in the Primeminister's New Years Speech and because of that, TV2 Østjylland came by to talk with one of our newly skilled blacksmiths, Storm. She finished school in 2022, but also received the ML-prize for her professional approach and for being a great colleague.

Produktionsmedarbejdere hjælper hinanden

ESG-Report 2021

To highlight our efforts towards a more sustainable future, we have put together an ESG-report for 2021. In the report, we highlight how we see sustainability in our company in a social, climate, and management perspective. We also account for our efforts in relation to UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We outline our ambitions and demonstrate how we can help the workplace get more sustainable and our CO2 emissions for 2021.

Read our Danish Climate Report here, and learn what we’re doing for a sustainable future.

ESG-rapport for året 2021