HUGIN Ventilation Control - The Easy Solution


Bardram takes control of setpoints and settings on your existing system, ensuring optimal operation. HUGIN is a building management system for ventilation that assists in ventilation control. Here's how we do it:

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5,900 DKK

6-month Subscription
2,995 DKK

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Energy case

Recently, we visited a customer where the heat from the system had disappeared, despite having heat recovery. It turned out that the heat exchanger, which drives the heat recovery, had been malfunctioning for a long time. This went unnoticed as the system automatically activated the heating element.

Consequently, the system had been using district heating instead of heat recovery for an extended period, resulting in significantly higher energy consumption. The system, serving a restaurant and nightclub, consumed up to 50 kWh more energy per hour than necessary without being detected.

The issue was only discovered when district heating was disconnected, revealing that the system was not functioning correctly.

With Bardram's HUGIN system installed, it would have reacted the moment the heat recovery failed. Our measurement of the lack of heat supply would have indicated that the recovery was out of order.

Indoor Climate Case

A survey by COWI shows that employee productivity decreases by 1 percentage point per °C difference from the optimal room temperature. This means that an employee billing 600 DKK/h could invoice an additional 10,000 DKK per year with just one degree of difference.

We often find that ventilation systems in many businesses are poorly controlled, leading to the desired temperature not being achieved. This may be due to limitations in existing control systems or the need for manual operation.

With Bardram's HUGIN system, the indoor climate is constantly monitored. The system ensures optimal operation by adjusting airflow, setting points, and intervening when problems arise.

What makes HUGIN smart?

You get a virtual ventilation operator.

The HUGIN system is like having a ventilation expert in the building 24/7. The expert is proactive, ensuring that your systems run optimally year-round. 

Less hassle with errors

One of the advantages of year-round monitoring is that we can quickly identify issues if they arise. We provide support and find the best solution to overcome challenges, saving you time on frustrating troubleshooting while the end-user never experiences the problem.

Overview ensures lower energy bills

Errors and poor operation of your system are detected well in advance, and our intelligent control ensures optimal operation. This maintains a healthy working environment and energy levels. See cases on the back of the brochure.

Plenty of smart options

Our intelligent control can reduce cooling needs on hot days by cooling the building with cold nighttime air. If direct sunlight heats your premises, the system can regulate room temperature based on the sun's angle and whether it's sunny or cloudy.

Tailored system at no extra cost

With HUGIN, your system is programmed as you wish. The system is tailored to your needs and preferences. We provide a draft but can create a completely unique solution for you at no extra cost!

Get an estimate of energy savings

Once the system has run for an extended period, it knows the ventilation needs. This is used to estimate potential savings by adjusting various settings. This allows for a factual assessment between costs and indoor climate.


Combine with a service agreement

Service usually occurs once a year, but with our intelligent monitoring, we can perform service when needed. HUGIN can be combined with a service agreement with KK-Ventilation, ensuring your systems are always in top condition.

Intuitive user interface

With Hugin, you don't need to do anything yourself, but if you're interested, you can always follow along on your phone or computer. All information can be accessed via a QR code - no app is necessary. If you have multiple systems, they can all be easily monitored from the same screen - simple and clear. If desired, the user can control the system by adjusting settings such as the desired room temperature.




We use a mobile network-connected Modbus gateway. This means we communicate over the telephone network with your system using the Modbus protocol. Modbus is the most widespread way to communicate with ventilation units, ensuring that Hugin can access almost any system.

No binding hardware changes

We install our hardware so that it can be easily reverted to the original setup if you choose to discontinue the subscription.

IT security

We do NOT connect our system to your local network. Therefore, there is no risk of hacker attacks through our system. We only have contact with the ventilation unit through an RS485 cable connection. With this connection, only registers in your ventilation system's internal control system can be read and adjusted.

Limited by the physical system

The control will be limited by the physical system. For example, the control cannot regulate based on CO2 levels if the system does not have such a sensor.

Bardram offers to install additional sensors in the system or in rooms if desired, thereby adding even more functionalities to your existing system.


  • Subscription has a one-year commitment period.
  • Subscription is paid in advance, once annually.
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  • Prices are annually adjusted for inflation.