Bardram products

Bardram offers many different types of carefully engineered products from our catalogue, including drying fans and other ventilation systems.

UTV til udtørring af rum

UTV 560/900 - Bardram dryer fans

For the purpose of effectively drying a room, we developed a drying fan meant to be installed on ceilings or walls that uses high-velocity air to scrape water and condensation away from any surfaces or machines. The fan circulates a large amount of air at a high speed.

Bardram low-impulse inlet units

Low-impulse inlet units are placed above working positions with high operating temperatures. The unit creates a draught-free area resulting in an improved working environment for employees.

Stødbordsarmatur i slagteri
Lavimpulsarmatur lavet i PUR

Bardram low-impulse units

Bardram low-impulse units, made from self-insulating PUR foam, prevent condensation and distribute air without causing draughts. The units help minimise the risk of condensation and improve the working environment in warm and humid surroundings.

Bardram inlet cones

Bardram inlet cones gently diffuse high air volumes within a very small footprint, and with no condensation in humid environments. These are manufactured in stainless steel, easy to keep clean, and maintenance free. This will help you keep the production area cool despite space restrictions, few fixed working positions, and high hygienic standards. It will also improve your indoor climate.

Konus og UTV i lokale
Lavimpulsarmatur lavet i PUR

Air purifier

Our air purifier is used in spaces where clean and fresh air is needed. The purifier can circulate clean air in large areas and is often used in warehouses, factories, and productions within industries such as the food industry, bakeries, laundries, and similar.

The air purifier is built in our own production and can therefore be customized to meet your needs.

Miscellaneous projects

When we build the products mentioned on this page and provide other services, we use a variety of different techniques. Our years of experience help us to develop other products beyond ventilation. 

At Bardram, we believe in innovating to find the best solution possible — and sometimes that means creating something totally new. In the catalogue in the link below, you can see a selection of products that we’ve created alongside our business partners.

Svejs med procesudsug

Do you want to know more about our services?

Find everything you need to know in the sections below, and learn about ways we can help your company.


Ventilation is a key solution for companies that need to maintain production environments and keep turning profits. Knowledge and insight about your company is important to us when we design solutions.


In rooms with high temperatures, steam, or contamination, process extraction is the way to go. Dust, heat, or contamination can be extracted from the source and create a better environment for your employees.


In all production rooms, machines and other processes will release heat. To maintain a good working environment, it is necessary to cool these rooms down — our products will help with this.


A dry production environment is key to safety. Steam and condensation on your work site can cause big challenges and loss of production time. Our solutions are designed to keep work areas dry so your team can get back to work sooner. 


Public guidelines determine how much noise is allowed in your work area, and some production units are too loud. Whether excess sound comes from processes in your production or ventilation units on the roof, we can reduce noise and make both employees and neighbors happy.


The smell of food can be wonderful, but if you are surrounded by it every day it might become too much. With different techniques, we can help you limit the odors created during production inside and outside of the working area.


Save unnecessary expenses by getting your current ventilation system checked. Usually, we can find ways for you to save electricity and money, by reusing the power already generated during production.


We have created our own products, that enables dehumidifying and cooling which will lead to a better working enviroment and increased production time.