Our Ventilation Project Process

When we initiate a project, our primary goal is to address the ventilation-related challenges your company is facing. It is our responsibility to ensure that you receive the right ventilation solution. Therefore, we ask probing questions about your company's processes. The collaboration between your expertise and ours enables us to pinpoint the exact causes of your ventilation challenges.

Our project process includes the following five phases:

1. Ventilation Needs Analysis

The first step in any project is to initiate a dialogue where we discuss the ventilation-related challenges in your company together with you. We aim to achieve a comprehensive understanding not only of the problem but also of how your company operates. The goal is to ensure that you receive a well-considered ventilation solution that doesn't lead to unforeseen issues. Together, we focus on identifying ventilation-related problems as well as the production requirements your company has.

In this phase, we also discuss finances and interfaces.

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2. Proposed Solutions

When developing the proposed solution, we build on a deep understanding of your company and its ventilation system. We outline the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution and provide details about the investment, technical implementation, and installation of the ventilation system. Our ideas are based on extensive knowledge, so you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.

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3. From Planning to Production of Ventilation System

In this phase, the project becomes more concrete, and one of our experienced project managers takes over the responsibility. The project manager visits your company to measure, design, and size the upcoming ventilation system. This is based on the information the project manager has gathered and the knowledge we've accumulated through the needs analysis. Our project department and production are located at the same address, providing us with great flexibility to make necessary adjustments and meet deadlines.

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4. Installation and Start Up of Ventilation Solution

The installation process begins when the final solution is determined, and the production of the ventilation system is in full swing. The project manager works closely with our reliable installation partners to ensure a smooth process. We understand the importance of a successful commissioning as it can be the difference between success and failure.

To ensure optimal operation with your new ventilation system, we perform the commissioning during production so that we can make adjustments based on actual needs.

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5. Follow-Up and Operational Optimization of Ventilation

After installation and commissioning, our commitment continues. We share our knowledge about the ventilation system with your employees to ensure they have a basic understanding of how the system operates and functions. This is crucial to avoid operational issues and maximize the benefits of the ventilation system. By following this carefully planned ventilation project process, we ensure that you receive the best possible solution that meets your needs and expectations in the field of ventilation.

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