Efficient Cooling ventilation system for Production Facilities


In production spaces, there is often a need for effective room cooling due to the heat processes generated by machinery and various production processes. At Bardram, we have significant expertise in sizing and implementing room cooling systems designed to maintain the desired temperature in production areas.

How our ventilation with cooling works

We have expertise in ventilation for large slaughterhouses with high staffing. For 30 years, Bardram has delivered numerous room cooling systems for spaces where temperatures from +3 to +18 °C are desired. We have also made the environments draft-free, benefiting the personnel involved. Our ventilation units are constructed with sandwich panels, which, with their high insulation capacity, ensure low energy loss. Surfaces are tailored to specific requirements and are delivered in materials such as stainless steel or food-grade foil.

Specialized ventilation with cooling for large production facilities

Bardram has a comprehensive history of delivering efficient ventilation for large production facilities, including high-staffed slaughterhouses. Our range includes condensate-free, low-impulse, shock absorber, and diffuser fittings tailored to meet the needs of this type of production. Additional details about our ventilation systems can be found on our standard product page.

Protection against condensation problems with GOBI condensate protection

We have developed our patented GOBI Condensate Protection, which effectively prevents the buildup of harmful condensation in constructions and ventilation systems with mineral wool insulation. This solution contributes to increased durability and reliability of our room cooling solutions.

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Our room cooling is used in various industries, including:

Milk processing and cheese dairies

Our room cooling plays a central role in maintaining optimal conditions during milk processing and cheese production in dairies. It ensures that temperature and humidity levels are ideal for the complex processes taking place.

Cold cuts production

In the production of cold cuts, including minced meat, boiling/frying, high-risk processes, and packaging, our room cooling creates a controlled environment. This is crucial for ensuring product quality and complying with strict food safety standards.

Industrial productions with punching, machining, and casting

Bardram's room cooling supports industrial processes such as punching, machining, and casting by maintaining optimal temperature conditions. This contributes to improving the precision and lifespan of machinery and products.

Dough and fermentation areas, oven areas, and cooling lanes

In baking and food production, our room cooling ensures that the dough remains fresh and manageable. It also helps maintain correct temperatures in oven areas and on cooling lanes to preserve product quality.

Packaging facilities

In packaging facilities, our room cooling plays a key role in the storage and processing of packaged products. It contributes to preserving product freshness and extending shelf life.

Cutting, deboning, and packaging of cattle and pigs

In meat processing, our room cooling supports precise temperature conditions crucial for the quality and safety of processed meat products.

Cattle slaughter and pig slaughter

In the slaughter industry, our room cooling contributes to maintaining hygienic and temperature-controlled environments during the slaughter process.

Ingredient manufacturing, spray towers, drying processes

Our room cooling supports processes associated with ingredient manufacturing, as well as spray towers and drying processes, by delivering precise temperature conditions crucial for product quality.

Why choose Bardram?

At Bardram, our cooling systems are designed to meet the specific needs within relevant industries, and our dedication to quality and reliability ensures optimal performance. Contact us today to find the ideal room cooling solution for your business.

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Do you want to know more about our services?

Find everything you need to know in the sections below, and learn about ways we can help your company.


Ventilation is a key solution for companies that need to maintain production environments and keep turning profits. Knowledge and insight about your company are important to us when we design solutions.


In rooms with high temperatures, steam, or contamination, process extraction is the way to go. Dust, heat, or contamination can be extracted from the source and create a better environment for your employees.


In all production rooms, machines and other processes will release heat. To maintain a good working environment, it is necessary to cool these rooms down — our products will help with this.


A dry production environment is key to safety. Steam and condensation on your work site can cause big challenges and loss of production time. Our solutions are designed to keep work areas dry so your team can get back to work sooner. 


Public guidelines determine how much noise is allowed in your work area, and some production units are too loud. Whether excess sound comes from processes in your production or ventilation units on the roof, we can reduce noise and make both employees and neighbors happy.


The smell of food can be wonderful, but if you are surrounded by it every day it might become too much. With different techniques, we can help you limit the odors created during production inside and outside of the working area.


Save unnecessary expenses by getting your current ventilation system checked. Usually, we can find ways for you to save electricity and money, by reusing the power already generated during production.


We have created our own products, that enables dehumidifying and cooling which will lead to a better working enviroment and increased production time.